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Tabor Electronics (est. 1971) has become a world-leading provider of high-end signal sources, featuring: RF, pulse, function, and arbitrary waveform generators/transceivers, high-voltage amplifiers, as well as waveform and modulation creation software. Tabor has earned global recognition for its highly-skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities.

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators / Transceivers
  • Microwave Signal Generators
  • Arbitrary Function Generators
  • Signal Amplifiers | LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter

Over the past decade Tabor has extended its global reach. With its headquarters located in Nesher, Israel, Tabor maintains a worldwide distribution network and has become the partner of choice for over 50 major distributors and integrators throughout the globe.

Customer Service and Support

  • professional assistance for choosing the perfect solution.
  • Individualized technical support Help Desk.
  • Repair and calibration service in Israel


All of our instruments come with a minimum of three-year warranty as standard, with certain series such as the WX, WW and PM that offer a standard five-year warranty*. Each instrument has full test results, calibration certificate, and CD containing products manual and complete software package. Our obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace any instrument or part thereof which, within the warranty period after shipment, proves defective upon examination. To exercise this warranty, write or call your local Tabor representative, or contact Tabor Headquarters and you will be given prompt assistance and shipping instructions.

* Warranty period may vary according to your location


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Irvine, California 92618
United States of America

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