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For over 44 years, Sutter Instrument has set the highest possible standards for performance and innovation.


Our product lines include devices for imaging, micromanipulation, microscopy micropipette fabrication, patch clamp electrophysiology and microinjection. New products include the BOB open platform microscope optimized to allow in vivo and in vitro experimentation in one set-up, the TLED+ high output, transmitted light LED light source and the highly stable stepper motor driven TRIO 3-axis micromanipulator.


Our MultiLink software moves and keeps track of multiple manipulators and our microscopes under control of the MPC-200. The software automatically moves the active manipulator to center of field of view, making it easy to locate pipettes during complex experiments. Innovations in puller design include sophisticated velocity sensing circuitry to maximize reproducibility, making the laser-based P-2000 the premier NSOM fiber tip puller.


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United States of America

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