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Auger Electron Spectroscopy

RBD’s compact cylindrical mirror analyzer provides surface sensitive analysis of thin films and coatings. The 2.75" / 70mm CF flange microCMA can fit on your existing vacuum chamber. Perfect for MBE, ALD, and general deposition experiments.

USB Data logging Picoammeter

The 9103 USB picoammeter measures bipolar DC electron and ion current from low nA to low mA, and includes data logging software. It can include an internal +90V DC bias or be externally biased up to +/- 5kV. The 9103 is a versatile and powerful instrument that opens up a whole new world of current measurement.

Water Vapor Desorption

Our water vapor desorption products include low temperature 185nM UVC emitters and high temperature infrared emitters. If water vapor or hydrocarbons are limiting your vacuum levels, check out our miniZ, UVB-100, and VB-series solutions.

Low Cost Sputter Ion Cleaning

Need a simple low-cost ion source package for general sputter cleaning? Look no further than the IG2 sputter ion source package.

PHI parts and service

RBD is well known for providing service, parts, and PC data acquisition solutions for older Physical Electronics (PHI) surface analysis instrumentation. If you have an older PHI XPS or AES (Auger) system or component, RBD Instruments is your resource to keep it functioning properly. 


microCMA Auger Electron Spectroscopy video

9103 Data Logging USB Picoammeter


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  • Auger Electron Spectroscopy
  • Data logging picoammeter
  • Water vapor desorption
  • Low cost sputter ion source
  • Older Physical Electronics XPS and AES systems parts and service