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Pearson Electronics is the original and leading manufacturer of Precision Wide-Band Current Transformers used for accurate AC current measurements.


Pearson Current Monitors can measure transients, harmonics, pulse, sine-wave, EMI and other complex current wave shapes. Pearson Current Monitors measure current as low as 80 micro-amps and pulse current up to 500 kilo-amps. The typical bandwidth is 1 Hz to 20 MHz with a 1% accuracy across the mid-band. Frequencies as high as 250 MHz can be viewed with certain models.


We meet both OEM and custom requirements and maintain a wide variety of clamp-on and toroid current monitors in stock and available for immediate delivery.Pearson Electronics also specializes in the design and manufacturing of High Voltage Pulse Transformers and Capacitive Voltage Dividers. Pearson High Voltage Pulse Transformers are typically used to power high power microwave tubes such as klystrons and traveling wave tubes.


Pulse output voltages range from 16.5 kV to 500 kV with pulse lengths from 0.25 to 50 micro-seconds. Pearson Capacitive Voltage Dividers are designed for measurement of pulse voltage up to 500 kV in oil and are frequently used in observing the output wave shape of our high voltage pulse transformers. The voltage division ratio is factory adjustable.


  • Wide-Band Current Transformers / Current Probes
  • Wide-Band Clamp-On Current Probes
  • Capacitive Voltage Dividers
  • High Voltage Pulse Transformers

Ultra Thin Current Transformer

New ultra-thin wide-band current transformers released by Pearson Electronics offer thicknesses that around around 1/2 the size of standard / in stock current transformers designed by Pearson. These new ultra thin broadband current transformers allow a more compact installation resulting in lower circuit inductance. Apertures range in size from 0.25 inches to 2.0 inches.

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Fast Clamp-On Current Transformers

Pearson Electronics is pleased to introduce two new Wide-Band Hinged Clamp-on Current Monitors with fast rise times. The models 8585C and 8590C feature a 2.0 and 2.5 nanosecond rise times, a ½ inch and 1 inch aperture, and are hinged for easy operation. The new design incorporates Pearson’s wide band frequency response in a demountable configuration for use on fixed conductors. Both models have a 1.0 V/A sensitivity, a 3dB bandwidth from approximately 1.0 KHz to 200 MHz.


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