NAiEEL Technology


A Global Leader of Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) Production and its Industrial Applications.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) presents similar thermal conducting and mechanical strength compared to its structural analogue carbon nanotubes (CNT), while its thermal/chemical stabilities, electric insulating, biocompatibility and thermal neutron absorbing properties are more advantageous than those of CNT. Due to these superior properties, BNNT is currently under exploration in many areas of IT, space/nuclear, bio-medical, and energy and environments, etc. for its applications, while BNNT is particularly important for space and nuclear technologies due to its excellent thermal neutron absorbing ability, mechanical and thermal stabilities. However, it is also known that the shortfalls for BNNT are the lack of mass production and relatively low purity of synthesized BNNT. These problems are critical and should be solved for BNNT to be commercially feasible.

Currently, Naieel Technology presents the best performance in the BNNT production as well as its applications for the development of more reliable and efficient industrial products. Naieel Technology has developed and secured a unique and innovative engineering process and the systems for the mass production of high quality BNNT products. NAiEEL Technology standing for Nano Adventurer In Energy and Environmental Leading Technology was established by the researchers from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute in 2015 for the commercialization of BNNT, and is currently leading global BNNT business as well as its industrial applications.

  • Naieel's BNNT has a registered trademark product namedNanoBorN T.
  • There are three main products of NanoBorNT;NanoBorNT-25, NanoBorNT-70, and Nano BorNT-90. Numbers in the product labels indicate the BNNT weight percent, while the balances are mostly h-BN (When analyzed, carbon (C) and oxygen (O) are not considered in purity of BNNT/h-BN content).
  • Naieel’s BNNT products can be supplied as dispersed in desired solutions and/or solvents according to customer's request.



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