MeiVac Inc.


With more than 30 years of vacuum system design, manufacturing, and support experience, MeiVac Inc. continues its leadership in the magnetic storage marketplace. MeiVac also offers a diverse line of components for various vacuum and thin film applications. Vari-Q multi-vane throttle valves for high-resolution repeatable pressure control. MAK sputter sources, Substrate Heaters, e-Vap electron-beam evaporation sources along with the Power Supplies and controllers for PVD research and production systems.

Products Lines include:

  • Standard Systems
  • Custom Systems
  • Components and OEM Assemblies

MeiVac is headquartered in Northern California’s Silicon Valley where it works closely with industry leaders in many different high technology disciplines. It provides global distribution of its products and services through a network of worldwide representatives and distributors.

MeiVac takes special pride in its willingness and ability to work closely with its customers to develop the optimum thin film solutions for their applications. This may involve process optimization, specialized hardware design and fabrication, custom system development and manufacturing, standard system optimization or custom sputter gun assembly design and fabrication. MeiVac’s process and hardware engineers stand ready to help customers meet unique one-of-a-kind development/pilot line requirements or high-volume 24/7 manufacturing demands.


5830 Hellyer Ave
San Jose, California 95138
United States of America

Fax: 408-362-1010

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