Janis Research combines over 58 years of manufacturing experience with extensive engineering capabilities to provide cryogenic systems for all research applications. We offer systems for a broad range of applications from ARPES to X-ray Diffraction, with cooling provided by liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, or mechanical refrigerators. Each cooling mechanism has distinct advantages and preferred applications, and a Janis engineer can assist in choosing the best cooling method for your application.

Some of our key products include:

  • Custom engineered cryogenic solutions
  • Superconducting magnet systems
  • Cryogenic and vacuum micro-manipulated probe stations
  • Continuous flow and reservoir cryostats, using liquid helium or liquid nitrogen
  • 10 K and 4 K mechanical closed cycle refrigerators (CCR)
  • Low vibration pulse tube refrigerators

Janis Research continues to innovate, creating new products and enhancing existing ones as new applications requiring cryogenic equipment are developed. The most detailed and up-to-date information on Janis Research products and applications (including specific performance specifications and key physical dimensions) can always be found on our web site at www.janis.com. Our ongoing commitment to research and development is helping to keep Janis Research positioned at the leading edge of cryogenic equipment technology. Contact us today!


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