Intlvac Thin Film


At Intlvac, we challenge ourselves every day to deliver world class high vacuum systems, processes, and thin film coatings through constant innovation. Intlvac’s hand-picked team of specialists maintain deep knowledge of many deposition techniques. We are dynamic because of our R&D foundations and refined because of our team mentality.

The Intlvac team offers a unique approach to system design. By focussing on materials science as the foundation of our manufacturing goals, the optimization and quality assurance of our systems reach greater depth. This compounding effort of R&D allows us to approach each new project with a commanding level of understanding by drawing from our ever-growing library of refined experimental techniques. The evolution of our systems is not our most profound virtue, instead it is the commitment to the cultivation of the materials science that governs them.


1401 Duff Drive
Unit 600
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
United States of America

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