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Electrical Energy Limited LLC is a High Voltage Amplifier designer and manufacturer with greater than 120 years of combined experience. We can design and develop custom amplifier products to meet a wide range of applications requiring a variety of voltages, currents, bandwidths, features, and interfacing. In addition to standard products, we have the expertise to provide custom, one-off and OEM products with short turn-around times and little to no NRE fee. We welcome all amplifier inquires no matter how challenging, and look forward to being a reliable high voltage amplifier supplier and partner.

High Speed Large Signal Bandwidth

With our Patent Pending technology, our amplifiers achieve the fastest bandwidths that are not achievable by other technologies.

High Quality, Moderate Cost.

We pride ourselves in maintaining high quality products at reasonable pricing. Our component selection, assembly practices, and 100% functional testing with NIST certified equipment allows us to offer high quality products at competitive pricing.

Compact Size

Over 120 years of combined experience and expertise allow our team to design compact amplifiers that meet increased demands for applications requiring small spaces.

Custom Modifications

Regardless of your specific project needs, our engineers can design complex high voltage amplifiers in a wide range of voltages and currents to meet the most demanding applications.

Minimal to Zero NRE Fee

As a partnership with our customers, we feel strongly any NRE Fee should be minimal to none. Our goal is to help all customers meet their high voltage application needs with minimal to no development.

Real-Time Customer Support

Customer Service is very important to us, so we look forward to speaking with you regarding any new inquires, shipping information, product questions, etc.


PPO Box 178
8683 Main St.
Barker, New York 14012
United States of America

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