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GT Crystal Systems is recognized worldwide as a leading producer of high quality sapphire material. The material is known for its high purity level, crystalline perfection, and low light scatter. We have optimized our crystal growth process to deliver the highest value for a wide range of applications including LED and specialty industrial markets.

We produce our sapphire material in our new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Salem, Massachusetts. The facility is a highly efficient manufacturing environment utilizing the latest production control technology to produce high-yielding boules of consistent size and quality. The boules produce cores of two, four, six or eight-inch and beyond for downstream processing into high quality wafers for the LED market and other material such as large diameter A and C-axis windows for aerospace and defense applications.

The company s crystal growth experts also use the manufacturing facility as a research and development center testing advancements in process technology and commercializing process knowledge and know-how that deliver value to our growing list of ASF equipment customers.


35 Congress Street
6th Floor
Salem, Massachusetts 1970
United States of America

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