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Mission Statement
Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc. (Cryo-con) is a manufacturer of electronic equipment for both laboratory and industrial process control applications. Our mission is to provide the cryogenic industry with high quality, innovative and technically superior instrumentation.

Technical Strengths
Cryo-con's core technical strength is the development and manufacture of cryogenic instrumentation. This often requires the design of unusual circuits that work with the exotic sensors found in some cryogenic systems. However, much more importantly, our products must be made to operate in extremely low noise environments without corrupting any measure of overall system performance.

Cryogenic techniques are frequently used to lower electrical noise in environments where extreme sensitivity is required. If system instrumentation couples electrical noise into such an environment, even at an extremely low level, measurement data can easily be corrupted or destroyed. Electronics designed primarily for room-temperature applications are frequently unsuitable for cryogenic use.

Every Cryo-con product is designed for extremely low noise cryogenic environments. Therefore, the minimization and management of electrical noise is a key element of our design methodology. This requires extensive experience in the use of modern components that must be applied with tested and proven noise reduction techniques.

Cryo-cons development staff has worked together as a team for over 15 years. Our experience with dilution refrigerators and many-channel SQUID systems is leveraged into our products; which we believe are the lowest noise instruments on the market today.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is used to significantly improve performance in a wide range of applications. In Cryo-cons products, DSP is used to improve measurement accuracy and control stability well beyond limits imposed by electronic hardware. Examples include the signal decimation, lock-in detection and Cubic Spline algorithms used in temperature measurement as well as the signal dithering and enhanced PID used in our control loops.

DSP is used to provide our instruments with 'simply smarter' operation including Adaptive Cryocooler Signature Subtraction and Linear-Mean-Squared based autotuning.


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