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For almost 50 years, Cotronics’ highly skilled staff of researchers, engineers, chemists, technicians and sales assistants have provided the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, semi-conductor, instrumentation, appliance, chemical processing industries a reliable source of superior quality, high temperature products specially formulated to meet the demanding specifications that today’s technology requires.

Cotronics’ manufactures high temperature adhesives and materials to satisfy the most difficult for electrical, structural and industrial applications for use to 4000ºF with their proven Cotronics brand name products:Duralco™ (High Temperature Epoxies),Resbond™ (High Temperature Ceramic Adhesives),Rescor™ (Machinable and Castable Ceramics),Thermeez™ (Insulation Products), Durabond™ (Maintenance and Repair Products) and High Purity Materials.

Cotronics Corporation is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. ISO 9001:2015 certification helps businesses prove their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer standards and regulatory requirements. The certification, obtained through external audits performed by an independent registrar, aims to ensure and enhance company performance with regard to quality.

“We are excited to earn certification to ISO 9001:2015 and feel it provides additional assurance to our customers that Cotronics; technical team of experts are focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.” states Renee Bernstein, President.

“Our move to ISO 9001:2015 demonstrates Cotronics' desire to perform at the highest levels of quality control and performance. It’s essential to delivering high temperature adhesive and material solutions for the most difficult for electrical, structural and industrial applications for use to 4000ºF.” states Cotronics’ technical engineering department.

Mission Statement

Cotronics Corporation is committed to continual improvement of our quality management system and customer service. Our quality is defined by our customer’s requirements and expectations. Our goal is to consistently provide high quality products and superior service by that anticipate, meet and comply with both customer and legal requirements.

Cotronics is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
You have challenging applications… we have solutions.

Cotronics’ Products and Services Offered

High temperature adhesives and materials for Electrical, Structural and Industrial applications for use to 4000ºF. We offer high temperature solutions to satisfy the most difficult electrical, structural, industrial and medical applications with our their proven Cotronics brand name products: Duralco™ (High Temperature Epoxies), Resbond™ (High Temperature Ceramic Adhesives), Rescor™ (Machinable and Castable Ceramics), Thermeez™ (Insulation Products), Durabond™ (Maintenance and Repair Products) and High Purity Materials.

Visit:, call 718-788-5533 or email: for Cotronics’ application engineers for specific technical information, adhesive suggestions and custom solutions; Cotronics’ customer service department for price quotes and placing orders for high temperature stock materials.


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