ColdEdge Technologies, Inc.


Distributors of custom cryogenic systems that operate in the <3 to 1000K temperature range.

With a worldwide customer base and product applications in a range of scientific fields, ColdEdge is proud to supply unique interfaces for OEM tools and research labs across the globe.

Specializing in custom and configurable systems, ColdEdge International firmly believes no puzzle is unsolvable. As fellow mad scientists, we’d love to hear about your experiment.


Fully Tested Systems

All cryogenic equipment is fully assembled and tested in the ColdEdge lab before shipment to ensure that the setup performs to the promised specifications.

Global Standards

ColdEdge has a wide range of custom and configurated systems powering experiments in 12 countries and over 43 national labs across the world.

Online Supply

With ColdEdge’s online quote and ordering tools, researchers can purchase quick supplies or browse for new components at any time, anywhere.

Customer Support

If you ever need assistance, ColdEdge service experts and support staff are always just a phone call away with troubleshooting and advice.


Interface customization is our specialty – send us your sketch.

We provide custom cryogenic solutions for laboratories and researchers around the globe. The ColdEdge team works directly with researchers to design a cryocooler system that fits the requirements of each unique experiment.

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