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Circuit Insights LLC manufactures the Loop SloothTM Exciter/Detector diagnostic duo that makes troubleshooting electrical ground loops a breeze. The Loop Slooth works inductively so no cables have to be disconnected or even touched. The Exciter injects a tiny high-frequency test current in a suspect cable. The Detector then indicates whether not the suspect cable is part of a ground loop and, if so, reveals the ground loop circuit topology and branching structure. Some Detector models have a meter indicating the extent to which the ground loop current branches. Since eliminating one ground loop branch can force all the ground loop current to flow in other branches, the hunt for ground loops becomes a hunt for an elusive moving target much like hunting for leaks in a water tank where plugging up one leak makes another leak worse. The meter enables easy tracking of this moving target by showing where all the “leaks” are. Problems that previously took hours or days to resolve are sorted out in minutes. The website includes a tutorial on how ground loops cause electrical interference and how to track ground loops down and eliminate them.


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