CAEN Technologies Inc.


CAEN is the only One-Stop-Shop for the Physics Community: designs and manufactures electronics for Nuclear and Particle Physics. CAEN catalog includes more than 250 products: Low & High Voltage Power Supply Systems, Front-End & Data-Acquisition Electronics VME, NIM, CAMAC, PCIe and Stand Alone and Powered Crates. However, this list is not exhaustive: almost 40% of CAEN production is custom designed thanks to an extensive collaboration with the most important HEP experiments world-wide.


  • Modular Pulse Processing Electronics
  • Waveform Digitizers
  • Digital Spectroscopy
  • Electronics for SiPM
  • Power Supplies
  • Digital Detector Emulators
  • Educational Kits


  • High Energy Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Neutrino Physics
  • Dark Matter Investigation
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Material Science
  • Medical Applications
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial Applications

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