Astro Met, Inc.


Advanced Ceramic Solutions For The 21st Century

Astro Met, Inc. provides solutions to demanding wear, corrosion, thermal and electrical applications through the engineering and manufacturing of advanced ceramic components from zirconia, alumina, zirconia toughened alumina and machinable ceramics.


Astro Met, Inc. was founded in 1961 by John W. Graham. The company's original focus was to provide advanced ceramics and specialty metals development on a contract basis for both industrial customers and government agencies. Astro Met's first two years was funded by a NASA contract to develop materials for space propulsion applications.

Many of the materials developed in Astro Met's early years became standard products as the number of successful applications increased. The focus on materials development was surpassed by customer driven requirements to engineer and manufacture components to solve problems in a wide range of demanding applications.

Today Astro Met is a leader in providing advanced ceramics solutions for a wide range of applications worldwide.


9974 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
United States of America



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