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Saint-Gobain Crystals offers a wide variety of inorganic s crystal and organic plastic scintillators for Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Neutron and Charged Particles detection. Advanced packaging ensures a high quality, long lasting scintillation detector assemblies.

We also continue to develop new scintillators internally and with outside partners to make a significant contribution working with OEM customers and researchers to develop detectors for the Energy, Medical, Security and Industrial markets to meet new specifications for innovative applications.

Inorganic Scintillators

- NaI(Tl), NaI(Tl+Li), CLLB, BrilLanCe LaBr3(Ce), LaCl3(Ce), LYSO, BGO, CdWO4, CsI(Tl), CsI(Na)

Organic Scintillators

- Plastic scintillators (BC-408), neutron detection products, scintillating optical fibers (BCF-12), wavelength shifters (BCF-91A, BCF-92) and non-scintillating fibers (BCF-98), liquid scintillators (BC-501A).

Saint-Gobain Crystals is a combination of companies that have been prominent in crystal growth or radiation detection and measurement since the 1930's. Notable names include; Bicron, Harshaw, NE Technology, Gamma Laboratories, TGM Detectors

Additionally, Saint-Gobain Crystals also produces;

  • Synthetic sapphire used in high-temperature, high-pressure or harsh chemical and physical environments conditions
  • Garnet substrates used by Optical telecommunication industry as infrared optical isolators. GGG, SGGG, NGG used to grow semiconductor crystal layers - High quality and ready for epitaxy.
  • X-ray Monochromotors which are core components needed to perform X-ray Fluorescence Analysis. Materials: LiF, SiO2, InSb, Si, Ge, PET, EDDT, ADP, TlAP, RbAP, KAP.

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