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Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory, Inc. Started in 1985, we are certified to ISO-9001 and accredited to ISO-17025. We provide analytical services and manufacture a limited number of unique products that are directly related to microanalysis. Our services include electron probe microanalysis (similar to SEM with EDS analysis) providing quantitative analysis at low detection levels and almost complete freedom from peak overlaps, SEM, Auger electron spectroscopy and surface roughness measurements. We have a lot of experience with sample preparation including cross sections for ceramics and thin film coatings. Some our products, such as our magnification reference standards (dimensions from 100 nm to 15 cm), elemental, compound, alloys and glasses are NIST and NPL (National Physical Laboratory in the U.K.) traceable. Our staff takes pride in performing state-of-the-art analyses on difficult specimens. As our satisfied repeat clients and publications reveal, we have developed several techniques for solving your analytical problems.

Rest assured your confidentiality will be maintained with the utmost care as our small company concentrates on satisfying your needs. We are only a phone call away. We often hear that delaying an analysis is usually more costly than waiting for the problem to go away and history does have a way of repeating itself!


426e Boston St.
TOPSFIELD, Massachusetts 01983-1216
United States of America

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