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Bartington Instruments designs and manufactures high precision fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers, magnetic susceptibility instruments, and associated data processing equipment. We also offer a range of Helmholtz coil systems in diameters from 13 to 78 inches.

The company was founded in 1985, and in 33 years we have built up a vast body of experience that enables us to manufacture sensors with maximized sensitivity, an absolute minimum of noise, wide bandwidth and low power consumption. Our fluxgates are manufactured to fulfil each order on our premises.

Our research and development team undertakes contracts for a number of private and government organizations. We now employ 80 people in product manufacture, research and development, sales, marketing and administration.

Around 80% of our products are exported worldwide to customers working in sectors including physics, geophysics, archaeology, space, aerospace, industry, surveillance, defense, and oil and mineral exploration.

Our distributor in the USA is GMW Associates. Visit GMW at


Helmholtz Coil Systems
We supply a range of Helmholtz coil systems for creating homogeneous magnetic fields. Coils are available in diameters from 350mm to 2000mm. Also available are degaussing wands and magnetic shields.

Mag-03(TM) Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor
Our most versatile sensor, it offers ranges from 70T to 1000T, a bandwidth up to 3kHz, and noise levels down to less than 6pTrms/vHz at 1Hz. It is available with a variety of enclosures. This sensor is ideal for use in applications where high precision magnetic field measurements are required.

Mag-13 Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor
This is the lowest-noise sensor available. It has noise levels below 5pTrms/vHz at 1Hz, measuring ranges from 60T and 100T, and a bandwidth up to 3kHz. These sensors are environmentally sealed and incorporate a test coil and temperature sensor.

This portable six-channel 24-bit data acquisition unit is designed for simultaneous collection and analysis of magnetic field, vibration and acoustic data in up to three axes. Its 6 input channels provide synchronous digitisation of the outputs from magnetic field sensors and accelerometers or, if required, acoustic sensors.

A standalone mains or battery powered magnetometer offering measuring range up to 2mT and resolution down to 1nT, which can be connected to F&G probes. It is available with a range of enclosures including high-vacuum and cryogenic.


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