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Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG

Hyperspectral characterization of next-generation of advanced materials

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Integrated Magnetics

Integrated Magnetics

in Sputtering Services, Magnets, Rotators, Electron Beam Sources / Systems, Magnetic Design, Actuators

With over 60 years of expertise in advanced magnetics, Integrated Magnetics designs, builds & manufactures custom magnets, complex magnetic assemblies and high-performance electrical machines. We are an industry leader in custom magnet manufacturing,

Saint-Gobain Crystals

Saint-Gobain Crystals

in Detectors - Radiation, X-ray Detectors, Detectors - General, Photon Detection / Counting Systems, Sapphire

Saint-Gobain Crystals offers a wide variety of inorganic s crystal and organic plastic scintillators for Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Neutron and Charged Particles detection.